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Fran Jurga`s Hoof Blog: News from Hoofcare + Lameness Journal: Shackleford’s Preakness is First Triple Crown Win for Synthetic Horseshoes; Dewey-Walters Shoeing Team Claims Two-Thirds of Crown, Going for Triple

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Click Here to read full article We saw Shackleford in the Fountain of Youth, the Florida Derby, the Kentucky Derby. It’s hard to miss him because he has a wide white blaze with an arrow’s point at the top, like a wide white racing stripe on a Cobra. You could definitely find this horse in a field in the dark. Maybe his big white face is so distracting that no one ever looks at his feet. And maybe they should. If they did, they’d do a double-take. Exercise rider Faustino Ramos and Shackleford cast a long shadow during a workout just before the Kentucky Derby. Shades...

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