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Fran Jurga`s Hoof Blog: News from Hoofcare + Lameness Journal: Shackleford’s Preakness is First Triple Crown Win for Synthetic Horseshoes; Dewey-Walters Shoeing Team Claims Two-Thirds of Crown, Going for Triple

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Click Here to read full article We saw Shackleford in the Fountain of Youth, the Florida Derby, the Kentucky Derby. It’s hard to miss him because he has a wide white blaze with an arrow’s point at the top, like a wide white racing stripe on a Cobra. You could definitely find this horse in a field in the dark. Maybe his big white face is so distracting that no one ever looks at his feet. And maybe they should. If they did, they’d do a double-take. Exercise rider Faustino Ramos and Shackleford cast a long shadow during a workout just before the Kentucky Derby. Shades...

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Glue-On Techniques

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Always have Fresh Glue Store shelves may not always have restocked their inventory recently. Be sure to check expiration dates. They also may not have been stored in the recommended refrigeration or exposed to temperatures way above or below room temperature.   Extending Shelf Life and Working Time Always keep your glue refrigerated until it is needed for application. Whenever possible, use a cooler or portable mini fridge with you.   Remove Excess Glue. The final quantity of the glue may vary on size but too much may have a negative impact or be wasteful. Try to remove excess...

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