Mucho Macho Man Wins $5,000,000 !

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Mucho Macho Man Wins $5,000,000 !

“The success of the Burns Polyflex Shoe is undeniable – just last week, Mucho Macho Man won the prestigious Breeders’ Cup in a set of the Polyflex Shoes – glued on personally by Curtis himself. The purse was an astounding $5,000,000 – and the gluing took place the day before Curtis and Garrett joined forces with Daisy Alexis Bicking to present the inaugural EasyShoe Clinic at Daisy Haven Farm in Pennsylvania.”

Mucho Macho Man Wins $5,000,000 – Bootlegging |Mucho Macho Man Wins $5,000,000 – Bootlegging | EasyCare – Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

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