Glue-On Techniques

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Always have Fresh Glue

Store shelves may not always have restocked their inventory recently. Be sure to check expiration dates. They also may not have been stored in the recommended refrigeration or exposed to temperatures way above or below room temperature.


Extending Shelf Life and Working Time

Always keep your glue refrigerated until it is needed for application. Whenever possible, use a cooler or portable mini fridge with you.


Glue on Hoof for Clinic Excess Adhesive

Remove Excess Glue.

The final quantity of the glue may vary on size but too much may have a negative impact or be wasteful. Try to remove excess from between the shoes and the sole.


The use of a Tongue Depressor with an end cut will work for smearing glue and removing excess.Watch Full Movie Streaming Online and Download

Tongue Depressor for Polyflex Adhesive Bond Glue Mixer

Mixing Time

Curing time will very based on the glue freshness, quantity, and temperature. We offer an equine slipper for the recently prepared foot so you can take your time in preparing a proper shoe shaping. It is important to keep a dry, clean surface! When ready to apply shoe, have the quantity necessary for application.

Cure Time

Do not let the foot bear weight until it has sufficiently cured on the hoof.



Use in well ventilated spaces and have extra latex gloves on hand. See product label for additional care.



Videos with Shoe Application and Quarter Crack Repair

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