Diversity, Quality, Development

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Diversity, Quality, Development

No synthetic horseshoe has performed in so many disciplines at the level POLYFLEX® shoes have. 

POLYFLEX shoes have been used on the biggest stages within the equine world in diverse arenas.

POLYFLEX shoes are amongst the most applicable on the market, now serving the most range of disciplines.

POLYFLEX shoes are the closest synthetic to the traditional shoe that we are all so familiar with using.

We are at the forefront of the latest innovations and active in the field to bring you a wide range of customized applications for therapeutic and performance use.

We strive to continually improve upon our current product line. With experience as a trainer, rider, farrier, and manufacturer, Curtis likes to stay active in the field and strives to seek improvements. He enjoys working with veterinarians, farriers, and owners to communicate effectiveness and take feedback.

We endeavour to provide quality products which are manufactured in what is considered to be the top International Equestrian destination in the world, Wellington, Florida, USA.  Our location allows us to be fully involved in our community for research and development that no other competitor can offer. 

Step 1 of 8: Introduction to ‘How to Glue On a Shoe’ Instructional Video “Why Polyflex”


On the Case with Rood and Riddles Dr Scott Morrison Glue-On Spring Shoe for a Contracted Club Footed Cutting Horse


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  1. can you send me a video of the steps for glueing on shoes, I have the old fashion dial up slow computer and it takes forever to download a video.

  2. Hello, Can I please get a DVD for gluing on these shoes as well, I am a barrel racer and must make sure it is done properly by my farrier.

    Thank you!

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